myanmar with european folks in chinese ny

myanmar with european folks in chinese ny. checking stuff together last night. hummmmm. pretty expensive, high season. we also need to go to japan and europe next yr, so still thinking.

i would like to give a toast to celebrate on my making 50th lunch box to office. i know because i used up all my nice beige kraft paper lunch box in last 50pcs purchase, and luckily, my new ones arrived last night from taobao delivery just before running out. gosh, so proud of myself! feel great. sometimes though, i do buy lunch or eat out. ;)

last night, i deep fried so many things using out new small tempura pan, i love all. cheese shrimp spring rolls, shishamo nori fry, and big shrimp cutlet. also made miso soup with chinese cabbage and daikon radish, and made rice. folks ate a lot and said "delicious delicious." is a true happiness for me.

today, i left home defrosting the seafood mix, still thinking of two different kinds of recipe to make for dinner, which is better.