won chinese sns turkish & indian food

won chinese sns again. turkish & indian food this time. ;) my japanese folk in the island that i know for 13 yrs, he wants to start chinese sns too, and he has so many talents, i think he can be famous. hehe. i gave some tips.

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last night, my island side long time associate a and we were wondering pondering by chat, about our future projects. let's say until about 2021 we warm up our ideas and realize it. also, where ever we are, we are heading to the same direction of the future model. let's now focus our priority of life and keep in touch! anyways, we see each other quite often and work together, so that's good. these projects, i very much enjoy. free plane on business class, hotel, food, luxury research with vip card. i must say all is a result of what i worked hard for the past 13 yrs, earning trust, friendship, and etc... ;)

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