yes! won 5star hotel gym 3 months pass ;)

yes!! won 5star hotel gym 3 months pass in lucky draw in company dinner last night! nice. some of us won some other good stuffs too. ;)
so dinner buffet at the 5 star hotel went well. everyone digging into lobsters, crabs, turkey, roast beef, lamb, cake, cheese platters. hehe. such a jolly time. ;)

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so today, we are packing box of stollen to share with colleagues. we have plates, forks, cups, and knives at the office, so just bringing some christmas napkins that european mom sent us.

also got some island project files done. we plan to get many things done as possible by chinese new yr. so these, working from home.

called mom up because someone bought my good expensive stuff online and made payment, i told him to come pick it up on 30th to my parents' home, made sure to be there and hand it to him. cool, i'm also doing danshari online from china. good thing my family knows all the stuffs i packaged with photos. hehe.

want to read books again today.

merry christmas everyone! hope you are spending a great time with your loved ones. ;)