happy anniversary babe ;)

happy 6th anniversary babe ;)
last night catching up with missed out episodes of southpark, this season. hilarious as usual! crazily laughing after dinner. hehehe.

today, starting out my morning with western food delivery's hummus and cheese toast with illy coffee that i got from the office as i wrote yesterday.

finished more files for the island. invitations for chinese sns new yr party, but probably skipping out, because want to have relaxed new yr at home.
more books arriving. good reads for new yr and wkends. ;)

started using dr.hauschka's body lotion. very elegant rose smell. nice! i still have so many lemongrass body oil from last time european mom sent me a lot as well. using on my hair too. the hand cream from norway brand is also nice. giving one bottle to my mom next time i see her soon. european mom sent my mom last christmas too. ladies love and need hand cream hehe. next time in europe, we want to go to nivea shop and get our pictures on the tin can. gonna be fun.

i read some more very interesting articles on japanese women talking about what's the problem in japan on utilizing women in society. i don't like too much extreme, but me and my folks (including all men) always say we are positively feminists. so i like this kind of article about people trying to fix what's wrong in the world. ;)