won 火鍋 in chinese sns again ;)

won 火鍋 in chinese sns again ;) i still didn't have time to go to turkish & indian restaurant that i won recently yet. must go soon. hehe. happy happy. they announced now i'm in top 0.1%. this morning, i had bit of time to write back some comments.

今日もhummus&turkey sandwichを持って れっつらゴー! then it's new yr holiday. want to go shopping with folks to get many kinds of good cheese, ham, and wine. but i'm the budget manager.

family in japan also seem to be meeting a lot and preparing, already drinking and celebrating.

i think my way of doing things in life was developed more in the limited time, made things work, then it became my skills to do it in any ways in any situation what to do when. preparation is good though.
my favorite 眼鏡研究社's glasses broke today. i loved the black octagon frame. i want to fix it but it broke in the middle of my nose part!!! this kyoto famous shop is discontinued and i am so sad. i have other zoff one which i like just normal. i have to wear that one for while. but i will find something special to make in japan next time.

have a great wkend everyone! ;)