my nickname is 大坂なおみ or SJP

my nickname is 大坂なおみ or Sarah Jessica Parker now. folks, brother, mom, aunt, they make jokes about it haha that i have such a big spiral curl hair unlike japanese for 13 months now. hehe. i had this same hair in 2002 actually. wanted to do this again. but this time is like real longer so it is much bigger. so far all my folks complimented about it. my brother told me "selena williams." haha, not that big hair!!! he goes, "okay, 大坂なおみ then!” my hairdresser calls it "90's american actress hairstyle, sarah jessica parker or julia roberts." hehe.

anyways, 1kg smoked salmon arrived from delivery. wrapped them in small portions and put them away in freezer. real nice. gotta buy cream cheese as well to make sandwiches. hehe. really cheaper than 100g packages if you buy in 1kg and wrap by yourself. my folks were so impressed about how i'm good at finding the same brand cheaper in taobao. if the seller is inside the city, it arrives in a nicely sealed package with ice pack, still frozen when it arrives. it is said not good to defrost and freeze something again, but i do it sometimes. so far never got food poisoning because of it.

last night, we had pork hotpot with lots of tofu and chinese cabbage, so delicious with asahi ponzu from japan. i think chinese cabbage will go well with can of new england clam chowder we have in stock. nice idea. will try it out.

got my studies done again, so i am pretty happy. in my head, i know every time if i do 10 pages, i can do 100 pages in 10 days, but it always doesn't go that way. hehe. ;P

ohhhhh, this year is so good.