business trip from tmrw

business trip from tmrw to the island side. excited. this time again will see some of our old folks in free time. hehe. ;) in march, also have business trip to another island.
also have to prepare for japan soon. busy busy...

so last night, we grilled 100% australian beef burger patties and bacon, we made burgers for dinner. sometimes, we do it on frying pan, but last night, we first started with beer and wine and talking and all that, decided to grill in the oven, which tasted real good.
we kind of celebrated for finally getting latest version of website and brochures done in many languages, got our copies. thanx to beijing team as well. we reviewed the brochures while eating lovely juicy burgers. hehe. love putting crunchy bacon in burgers. ;)

got some of my fourth language studies done again, got some chinese sns done, folks helped me make some different sns graphics, and listened to some podcasts before bed, this time some latest technologies in vr, ar, mr industries in china and so on. i want to give my day "well done."

what you need is energy to keep it up though. health number one priority, work and life balance. the thing is, women's body change a lot in our age. must take care of ourselves at the same time we live hardcore. i still need five hours of sleep and i try to do so. i know many only do four hours of sleep and i also do it sometimes to get things done, but i'm telling you, you really should sleep more than five hours. four and five is really different. ;)