gradually, folks heading back to china :)

so after hanging out, all folks that stayed abroad is gradually heading back to china to start working. some of us will be working from home until april, and then eventually back at the office. 14, 15, good folks went back to x, and they tell me how the airport was pretty full with many expat that is thinking the same thing, made decision to head back. as for me, i will also be heading back soon.

happy to hear more than 10 cured people got out of the hospital in shanghai already.

many the world media says it's spreading more, but people around me, we pretty much think it is going to reach peak soon and hopefully near future will be back to normal life.

of course, we still must live everyday careful.


good thing is to have worldwide folks that has a house or second house that can let eachother stay long. hehe. ;)


anyways, missing our apartment already! ;)  did some souvenir shoppings and packings.

rest of the folks also excited to go back.

sandy fukushi bokeboke boke boke memo